Elven miniatures selection from Atlantis Miniatures

Welcome back of the next part of the stroll through the Atlantis Miniatures range.

Today I will be looking at the Elven Kickstarter which successfully funded and fulfilled just recently. The Even Kickstarter funded in less than one hour after launch and ended up with a grand sum of £69,794 of a funding goal of £12,000! So we can see Atlantis Miniatures are highly thought of in the miniature industry.

From the first Dwarven campaign right through to the current Elven Kickstarter, there has been no compromise on detail and Dan has sculpted a lot of very nice miniature.

So today we are looking at a small selection of the Elves.

Elf Rogue

This kit comes in three pieces and once assembled it is a pretty sweet model with an overall height of 60mm with the black base. This guy is perched on top of a tree stump with his bird of prey companion on his arm, and a cheeky little rodent sticking its head out of a hole in the stump.

The detail on this guy is what you would expect from Atlantis Miniatures.

The material is still yet unconfirmed but it is not resin like his first couple of campaigns and I suspect this is the new SiOCAST thermoplastic system. The material feels and bends like a plastic compound and cleans up very much like plastic too.

The details as mentioned are great, the raised embroidery on the coat looks pretty nice, the material is sculpted nice and sharp no dull edges, and very fine mould lines which is a good thing as this material is not scrape friendly.

The tree stump looks good to the eye and does not look exaggerated or cartoon like.

The bird of prey is sculpted to scale so the feathers are not super fine detailed but are done nicely enough to paint the detail in.

This in the introduction for the pieces I received to review so let’s take a look at the next one which is the...

Elk Warlord Mount

As above with the Elf Rogue, the detail and materials are replicated so we have nothing to worry about there. As gaming pieces they are perfect.

This eight piece kit is quite a majestic looking piece and stands proud on his scenic base.

The Elk is rearing up like it’s about to stomp or its halted sharply and stood tall lone ranger style. Again, the Elf Lord has a companion of a bird of prey and has a spear and shield.

This kit assembled well and the fit wasn’t too bad at all. Just a little gap filler needed and stands at a nice height of 115mm with base.

I like to be different with my miniatures so I have the bird landing on the antlers of the Elk and not on the Elves’ spear as per the 3D render.

All assembled, this kit looks amazing

Great Owl Mount

The last piece I'm looking at coming from the KS is the Great Owl Mount.

This four part kit is outstanding and all assembled looks just as bad ass as the others.

It is huge at 140mm tall without the black base, and yes it is big enough to carry an elf and comes with a saddle for just that occasion.

Very little mould lines and lots and lots of feathers; I don’t mind admitting I really hate painting feathers haha.

The owl is also a very majestic animal and Dan has captured this with his sculpture.

The wing span is a huge 170mm and the feathers, although not super finely detailed, all fall into place nicely. The face of the owl is simply asking for some time spent painting it as it will just look amazing.

Again, the owl is coming to rest on a tree stump which is again looking pretty natural, so Dan has done another cracking job replicating nature’s marvels indeed.

Here is a side by side just so you can see the scale of all these kits.

Well; what can I say about all the Atlantis Miniatures pieces I have reviewed and the ones I have not reviewed from my own personal stash?

Atlantis Miniatures is probably my favourite independent fantasy miniatures range. Dan puts nothing but quality sculptures out for the community to enjoy. I always enjoy looking at Atlantis Miniatures and I look forward to seeing what comes out in the future.

I have not put any retail prices on the kits as they are not yet on the store, so keep an eye out for future prices and shopping deals at https://www.atlantisminiatures.com/collections/shop

Dan has another project called Print My Minis where he sells STL files of kits he has sculpted, so go check that out too if you are on the STL band wagon https://www.printmyminis.com/

If you love all things Atlantis head over and give them some of your support on their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram.

While you are perusing the range please remember to share what you find with all your friends while hobbying and spread the love.

Take care of yourselves, wear a mask or don’t but just remember to protect each other and while you are at it please remember to not drink your paint water.

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