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Back in 2019 I had the opportunity to review a selection of Gaming Bases from Micro Art Studio. They didn't disappoint in their quality both in detail and casing, and I've used some to base up various miniatures for my gaming.

Fast forward to 2021 and Micro Art Studio has added the new Basing Kit range to their catalogue.

As you can see, you get multiple pieces of flat bottomed cast resin. What you do with those is up to you. Basing, dioramas, or scenery; these give you options.

Considering each pack is priced at 14.79€, which is just a little more than one of their single 120mm oval bases. These feel like a more cost effective option if you have a lot of large bases to add some setting to.

Different styles

They actually sent me a sample of all the current designs available. Although I'd expect to see this range increase to include other styles which they sell ready made bases for.







If this is your first experience with Micro Art Studio products and are a gamer, then you may well be in for a treat. All these Basing Kits are also available as pre made resin bases in round, wide lip round, and oval to match most gaming systems. They even have some in square and rectangle shapes too.

But hold up... if they make the most common base sizes... what is the point of these Basing Kits?
All I can say is that base sizes, especially from a certain popular brand, seem to increase and change in size now and then. Plus this gives you a bit of freedom to work your basing details around the model rather than having to make your model fit the base. Plus some other possibilities which I'll talk about later.


I can't really just show you all these parts from a top down angle without giving you some idea of how they look from the side. Don't panic, I didn't do them all. That would be a bit of a photo overload.

Deep Water


Ruined Chapel



As you can see, there's plenty of variation in the levels and angles of the different bits in each pack.

Depending on your choice of army, game system, or just the miniatures, you can likely find something suitable. Plus with these being resin it's easy to cut them and sand them if you fancy spreading parts across even more bases with some of your favourite basing paste/ texture to blend them in.

Close up

All of these bits have really smooth undersides. A far cry from the first base toppers I tried using back in the 00's which needed loads of sanding to really use them.

The resin is good and solid too. There are a few bubbles here and there but that is mostly on the underside which you won't see anyway.

Clean up wise, there really isn't much. Bit of thin resin on some edges and maybe rough up that smooth underside to give your choice of adhesive something extra to grip to. Oh... and as always with resin; a little soapy bath won't hurt.

Thought it would be nice to chow a couple of the bits up close.

You can get an idea of some of the detail packed into these. Trash involving all sorts of mechanical waste. Discarded and piling up.

Chaos on the other hand has loads of pointy rocks and spike covered chains.

Just the sort of thing to spread around the feet of a huge 40K Chaos Knight.

Final thoughts

I really like the possibilities with these. Especially as it always bugs me when I end up with hovering model syndrome on pre-made bases. Using these I can work around miniatures or use the common and oh so heroic "I have my foot up so must be powerful" pose to interact with these.

Almost makes me want to get a large model to make a good centrepiece for an army. 

I don't have any of the matching bases for the themes unfortunately. But the Mystic Basing Kit is similar to the Arcane bases I have so I thought I'd show them together. Give more of an idea of possibilities to tie your miniature army into a theme.

Don't think these are limited just to gamers too. 

Basing details are basing details, and they are always of use. Even if you really play around with them to create a setting for more display type miniatures on plinths. This one for example is a 75mm sized dwarf (yes... it is and she does have hands and arms too). And I can see me using them for this kind of thing.

Where to buy?

You can pick these up from MAS stockists or directly at
Have a good look about as they make all sorts of useful items for different game systems. Not to forget the cool selection of Discworld miniatures. 

Don't forget to keep up to date with Micro Art Studio's releases on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you and thank you to Micro Art Studio for supporting us at GMR.
Have fun.

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