Slugger and Gunslinger from Ouroboros Miniatures

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This week we hand the reigns over another guest who you may have met at various shows on the Mr Lee's Minis stall. So please welcome...

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A new guest reviewer to the GreyMountain Reviews Crew and the first pieces I have the honour to be reviewing are the Ouroborous duo; Slugger and Gunslinger

These are sold separately but initially released at the same time.

On first inspection these are two simple looking figures, yet at 75mm scale they are very effective. When you examine these figures further they are very nice quality cast miniatures.

Just a few casting blocks and some flash to remove and clean up, which is pretty standard. There is a slightly stepped mould line around Slugger's arms but nothing scary that scraping and sanding won't cure.

Both of these miniatures are supplied with a nicely detailed base which suit each of these figures. The assembly of them both is straight forward and doesn’t require much, if any gap filing on the joints.


Slugger is the male figure of the pair and sports a full suit of body armour which opens up the artist to many ways that you can tackle this piece for painting. The armour is nicely detailed and is very fitting for the style of miniature that Ourborous have released.

Slugger wears no helmet, exposing a weathered, grizzled face and sports a mohawk.


Gunslinger, like Slugger, is a clean figure with some very nice details to work on. From head to toe there are some great details to pick out on this figure. Starting with the visor on her head right down to the details on the boots she is wearing.

There are some great flat surfaces to get creative on also like the back of the jacket. Even with the augmentations on the back, there are still spaces to get creative on.

Out of the box, these are two very clean miniatures with very little flash or mould lines to be cleaned up.

Where to buy?

Onto the final point of this review, the costs of these miniatures.
Or, if you're UK based, £34.00 from Mr Lee’s Minis at
For the size and the quality of the miniatures I’d say you get your monies worth with these.

You can keep up with Ouroboros releases via their social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks for reading and happy hobbying!

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