Rosamund bust from FeR Miniatures

It's been a while since I've looked over something new from FeR Miniatures, or Pedro Fernández. Even longer since something new was added to the Women by Pepa Saavedra range. So when Rosamund came up I was obviously not going to say no (and yes... that is being sarcastic).

That combo of Fernandez and Saavedra is always a great one. Pedro's sculpting always looks fantastic with Pepa painting and when I saw her tease this one before showing the painting progress I knew it was going to be another great addition to the Women range.

Rosamund is quite an archetypal design. Capturing the classic look of a courtly lady. Easily spotted in pretty much any medieval or fantasy setting. Flowing gown, long platted hair, and that classic headband type jewellery are all present. 

Inside the clear plastic clamshell we find a single piece cast in a large zip lock bag. All held in place by a slab of foam.

Whomever does the single piece casting of Pedro's sculpts really does a great job capturing all that traditionally sculpted detail he puts in. So seeing this as one piece didn't worry me at all.

It's always difficult to find things to critique when it comes to Pedro and FeR Miniatures but it doesn't stop me looking as closely as possible.

However; with this, on a quick glance I can already see that I'm going to struggle to find talking points without being seriously picky.

More detail

If you seriously look closely at the sides of the arms you might spot some clean up that has been done. But there doesn't look like much was needed at all.

There are two little bits to remove and smooth off at the bottoms of the sleeves. As expected though, that took no time at all.

If you're a lover of painting long flowing hair then I'm guessing you've been having a good look at this one.

Bit more clean up at the cut off. A pour peg to trim and sand and perhaps some bubbles to open and fill if you want to go that far.

I've said it before... but I always appreciate a good pilot hole. Really makes getting that hole drilled in a good place for mounting.

Now then... here's a slightly tricky one, and I did say getting picky.

If you look to the right of her left hand and hair you can see a slightly stepped line. It's more of a V shape under where the hair is and I'm not surprised to see something in that area. Awkward to get into but fillable with some Milliput and a toothpick I reckon.

Slight mould line over the folds on her left sleeve and under her left hand, but those scraped out with a sculpting tool.

You can see how there's two gaps cast under the hair and hand, without making this a multi part bust. Finding areas like this is pretty common on a Pedro Fernández sculpt.

For those of you who have seen a few of his non-horror style female busts, I know you instantly recognised the sculptor from the face style which has Pedro's trademark look. There's a slight variation between them but they often share the same jawline and triangular shape. Not a bad thing and I know he's released a lot of different work over the past year which has been great to see the variety.

Final thoughts...

This bust is a great addition to Pepa's 'Women by Pepa Saavedra' range. Especially as it comes in at the cheapest price of 42€ (inc. VAT) and is the least complex in overall design. Spring and Summer brought with them a ton of details with various flowers and fruit. Having a more straightforward, almost entry type level product, is fantastic. Frankly, some of these busts can be intimidating. Even more when you see them beautifully painted by some of the best painters, so having something with a great face, challenging hair to paint, and some lovely but not complicated clothing is a brilliant stepping stone and confidence builder to more elaborate pieces.

The classic look this bust has is great and just makes me think of films like Princess Bride and even Shrek. Any and all which had a maiden really. It's nice to see too when so many sculpts are packed with sculpted material texture and patterns that this has been kept to the shape and material folds. Leaves it in your hands whether you want to paint some elaborate patterns or keep it simple.

Frankly, this is an excellent painters bust in my opinion and as usual for the Women range; not sexualised, even if it is a little flirtatious.

Where to buy?

Rosamund is available directly from FeR Miniatures at or from and of their local stockists.

You can keep up to date with FeR Miniatures news on their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and keep cats of your keyboard.

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