Tigro by Carmine Giugliano

Hi and welcome to another Monday on GreyMountain Reviews.

Today we take a quick look at Tigro from Carmine Giugliano.

This bust was never intended for review as it was a gift from Carmine; but as he so kindly sent it me I felt it was only fair to give it the once over for the blog.

Firstly; let me say that nowhere else will you get a model this size for this price. 50€ I believe this piece costs.

Now this piece is bigger than my hand. It’s bloody huge!

I am pretty sure it is in scale with Wukong which I reviewed previously, so this sculpt is 1/6 scale and holy hell; if this guy was real, it would be a giant!

Shocked at the size is an understatement.

Okay. So with all that said I want to discuss the hassles of shipping overseas.

Sadly the tips of the cloak had snapped off in transit. Carmine may have intended this to arrive in one piece but the postal services had other ideas and it sustained some damage. But with some super duper glue stuff I put them back in place. 

If you look at the photo above you can see where I had glued the tips back in place.

Let’s talk about the sculpt.
Carmine has gone about this in his usual way. Going for texture and detail from the off.

As you can see by the pictures the head of Tigro is huge! It easily covers the palm of my hand and the features on the face are superb. The head comes in 3 parts and includes; 2 separate hair pieces, one pony tail, and the lower part of the beard.

The hair as always has been sculpted just right with organic flowing locks, and the ponytail seems to fall as it should in real life.

Anthropomorphic miniatures aren’t really my thing but this range of Carmine’s hit my nostalgia square on the nose.

Wukong the Monkey King was an instant "yes" because of Monkey Magic back in the 80’s and Tigro pushed my memory back to Kung Fu Panda. Although nothing alike it’s still a Tiger warrior.
Clutching at similarities is a yes but I did think of the movie when this was being sculpted so I had to pop the similarity in the review haha.

The jacket of the sculpt is textured like course wool but the under garments are all very smooth like silk so contrasting textures for sure and I imagine that how 16th century China's outfits were back in the day.

Opening the box it came in was a shock because I thought sword had been snapped too; but that comes in 3 pieces which I imagine will require some pins for strength. But I was quite glad the postman hadn’t done what I thought initially.

The blade on this thing is huge and is going to take a lot of work to paint it super shiny. Possibly non-metallic metal (NMM) like Kirill Kanaev does with his box arts.

The whole bust is so big that anyone with a bit of freehand skill will do well with ancient fabric patterns.
I want to have a go at it but my freehand is worse than a three year old's writing!

I am not fond of the floating hand idea and think a full arm would have been a better option, but it is how it was done so let’s go with it.

The detail on the dragon on the waist band is outstanding. Sculpting like that is an art in its self.

I have tried sculpting and it's blood hard so well done Carmine. That is genius level detail.

Now I always go for negatives in reviews so I am going to talk about casting.

I haven't taken a photo of this but this is there; you can believe me. Whoever cast this miniature has cut the mould open without any kind of care for this sculpt as there is a mould line down the left side of the texture jacket and that will take some time to clean up without losing the texture.

So well done to whoever cast this; you have made what should have been a clean cast into some hefty clean up and I am quite sure that is not what Carmine wanted for this creation, so let’s hope future casts done have more pride taken in them.

That being said, it is still a very cool design and a superb gift to receive and is received with much thanks.

If you want to see how Carmine sculpted Tigro; head on over to his Facebook page. Though you may have to look in his photos to find the posts. Value for money is a constant with Carmine so follow along and check out his previous pieces too.

I want to thank Carmine again for such a generous gift and I am now keen to see his new Cyborg piece come to life.

Thanks for reading along and see you next Monday for some new arrivals on my bench.

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