Gandhi from 2dreamers

What have John Glenn, Uri Gagarin, Jules Verne and HP Lovecraft all got in common?

Any guesses?


They are all pals with Edgar Allan Poe...
well at least in the miniature range from 2dreamers they are.

And to add to this very eclectic bunch of historical characters they have been joined by Gandhi.

Imagine walking into a room and seeing Gandhi chatting with the creator of Cthulhu and the author of Mask of the Red Death surrounded by cosmonauts, astronauts and a crab fisherman all being eyed up by Cthulhu and a couple of crazy looking dwarves.

That room is indeed Petr Vlk’s very own piece of the figure painting community.

Only after many pints of beer and some questionable sea food would you have a dream as mind blowing as this. But Petr has put 2dreamers on the map with his very cool range of miniatures and today we are looking at one of his newest releases; the above mentioned, Gandhi.

If you didn’t know, Gandhi was and Indian lawyer and anti-colonial activist who played a vital role in gaining India’s independence from English rule and was assassinated in 1948.

I am going to try and give this some page space what I could easily sum this up in several lines. But that would not do this bust justice at all.

Gandhi comes in at 40€ for a 1 piece, 1/9 scale resin bust.

Ordinarily I would be a little dubious over that kind of price it’s around £35 give or take a few pence.
A 1 piece bust should really be around £25-£30 for a nice piece.

So why am I fine with this price for Gandhi?

Well if you know of Gandhi you know he wears glasses. So how have these glasses been added to the bust?

Photo etching!

Ok so a 1/9 scale set of glasses shouldn’t come to 10€ right?

Well that’s not all you get for the price.

There is also a very cool name plate already done for you to put on your plinth.

Plus the packaging, sticker and business card, casting costs and all the overheads needed to run a company all add up.
40€ is pretty damn good if you think about it.

So what’s the quality like?

Well it’s good... it’s really good.

The face is perfect. The sculptor has done an amazing job. Pavel Ovecka has done such great work on the likeness.

The clothing all flows nicely, no hard edges, drops well and folds are pretty much spot on.

Clean up will require a bit of a wash maybe? There is a tiny tiny piece of resin between the neck and the garment but you need eyes like an outhouse rat to see it. I only saw it after taking a photo.

The only great clean up is underneath where the casting gate was.

So, yup; this copy is as close to perfect as you can get without being flawless.

Now let’s talk about those glasses.

How many of you have had experience with photo etched products?

If you have never used photo etched pieces these will not cause you any great issues as there are fold lines on the back of the glasses to guide you to where to bend the arms on the frames.

There shouldn’t be any huge issues but if you do make a mistake just be aware these will snap after only a couple of attempts so take your time and don’t sneeze or breathe in to sharply or you are looking at several minutes on your knees or a bit of a choking fit haha..

But once bent correctly and located in place this bust will look outstanding.

In my time in this hobby I was never one for historical miniatures but in recent years I have chosen to paint some very prominent figures from history.

Hitler and Ann Frank were my first two historical pieces and now Gandhi when I actually do this one.

I will be keeping any eye on 2dreamers for future releases and I am also looking at the space adventurers range for future projects.

To sum up this Gandhi bust I can say without doubt this is a very cool product and has been presented very well. I picked it up from Petr at Scale Model Challenge 2019 so let’s see if 2020 brings more prominent figures too.

Keep an eye on 2dreamers as they have other new pieces in production at the moment.

Catch them on Facebook and at

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