Freshman Lily from NutsPlanet

Welcome back to the 2nd NutsPlanet review from myself, Normski.

NutsPlanet have been on the scene now for a good few years and have grown their range massively.

Part of that range is the Trigger Miniatures range.

In this range you will find modern sci-fi inspired pieces with a crossover into post apocalyptic and anime style miniatures.

This review looks at one of the 1/24 scale pieces or if you wish 75mm sized Freshman Lily.

Lily is sculpted in catholic school girl style which we can find in many Anime series and movies; the Japanese school girl look is a huge hit in Japan and has quite a following across the globe. (Also this is a common school uniform style in Japan. Steve).

We see Lily dressed in her uniform carrying what looks like a small gauge shotgun and a huge samurai katana type sword.

Her choice of footwear is to be commended as she seems to be wearing some Nike Hiking boots which she will need for the kind of terrain she will be crossing.

The school girl outfit is a bit of a dubious choice for a post apoc world, we have all seen those movies and she is a target for the degenerates for sure...

But the gun and the sword means she is either a complete psycho or a bad ass warrior so anyone attacking her is in for a hard time for sure...

The miniature is cast in Grey Resin and has been cast really nicely.

There are mould lines present but they are very fine and didn’t show up on the photos so I decided to cut those photos out and bin them...

Most miniatures will have mould lines I guess it’s up to the producer to clean them or not and this piece will not need a great deal of prep at all.

Freshman Lily comes in at $50.00 which is around £36 in UK stores.

That is top end prices for a 75mm piece any higher for a standard 75mm put the costs into premium prices and those prices are a bit spicy for most so Lily is about right, between £25 and £40 is a pretty reasonable price depending on the quantity of pieces and quality of sculpt.

As you can see by the photos the details are nice and crisp and will be a delight to paint.

In the box you get 11 pieces to assemble, the head is 3 parts so has the most prep to do such as removing casting gates, buffing and filling and if you have sausage fingers like me its gonna be a bit of a fiddle about but hey we have the technology to do this don’t we...

Everything is cut digitally and has lock and key fittings so will fit together nicely with minimal gap filling.

And you even get a small base to put her on should you decide to use it and not build your own.

The gun mentioned earlier for those rivet counters out there looks a lot like a Kel-Tec KSG 12 gauge pump action shotgun with its 7+7+1 capacity, but I’m sure some fire arms boffin will shoot me down on that point.

The genre Lily is set in and the range she is part of is quite a popular theme of recent times and post apoc/ anime style is growing more and more outside the Japanese market.

I am aware of at least five or six more companies who all have post apoc styled miniatures and we see many dioramas produced these days across all social media platforms.

NutsPlanet's Trigger range is vast so if this kind of miniature is for you then head over to NutsPlanet at and take a look at the whole range...

If you read this and decide to purchase any of these products please get in touch and lets us know which miniature you decided to go for...

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with future releases.

Thanks for reading and I hope in this time of social distancing you are going hardcore hobby time...

And remember not to drink the paint water...

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  1. Awesome review,! This is a great looking model and I'm interested to see her painted up by such a showed artist!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos


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