Swedish Veteran from Valkiria Miniatures

Hello and welcome to part two of the Valkiria Miniatures review. 

This week I am looking at the Swedish Veteran VHP-11, which was the previous release before the Black Knight that I reviewed a fortnight ago.

The Swedish Veteran stands at 70mm size like the others in the range, is cast in resin, and comes in 8 pieces.

As you can see it is protected just like the previous miniature and the rest of the range is indeed packaged the same way.

This miniature is much more in the pin up style than the black knight is as her feminine features are a little more on show. But even so the boobs are not overly emphasised like on a lot of gaudy miniatures out there.

The Swedish Veteran is dressed in an off the shoulder animal skin overcoat which helps her boobs pop that little more which should please a few people.

She is however fully clothed from that point on, which in turn reduces the sexualised aspect to a more tasteful aesthetic.

The pose is that of a model posing for a camera and the addition of a wolf adds to the Scandinavian theme to the piece as wolves are native to that region of Europe.

This piece does have that naughty Mrs Santa feel to her and is just missing a bobble on the hat, so I can see someone painting her that way indeed.

The details of the piece are sculpted well such as the gunpowder pouch and the shot holders, but I am finding all the fur on this piece slightly flat.

The fur around the overcoat is very rounded and I would have like to have seen a more ruffled texture to it.

The fur on the wolf is also flat and again I would have like to see a more textured look to it.

I know fur can be a bit tough on moulds but I think it would have pushed the quality just that little bit higher.

The rest of the miniature is fine. Miroslav Dimitrov has sculpted the material in a natural way. The folds and creases are not exaggerated, the laces in the boots etc are fine and not too fat or thin.

Her facial features are quite strong for the Norse/Scandinavian region with the high cheek bones and strong feminine jaw-line.

The two miniatures are stood on a resin scenic base which could easily be painted as rock or ice due to its smoothness.

The cast quality is actually really nice as there are mould lines but they are so fine that I would have had to twist the miniature under a light to get a shadow of the mould line to be able to take a photo of them, so they are very fine and not an issue at all.

The casting vent on the wolf is in a very strange place on it belly so it will require a bit of work to get the fur texture back but at least it is in a place that won’t be viewed easily.

The wolf has a casting issue on the inside of the back legs where the mould has not closed properly but again not easily viewed.

The musket is quite a slim piece and the lock and stock are sculpted really finely so again go light with the paint or you may lose some details.

I cannot say I am overly impressed with the cast quality of the musket but as far as the miniature is concerned I am satisfied that it will still be nice to paint.

If I was to advise anything with this miniature I would say don’t undercoat it too much as the fur detail will be lost if you were to brush on thick undercoat. An airbrush would be perfect if you have one or a spray can of your chosen undercoat.

All in all I cannot complain about this miniature and aside from the fur being a little flat. I feel this miniature will paint up quite nicely with careful steps to pick out the fur.

I hope this review was of use and if it helped you decide on a purchase please do let us know. Or head over to Valkiria Miniatures and let them know you read this review as we would all love to hear we were of use.

The Swedish Veteran is available directly from Valkiria Miniatures at http://valkiria-miniatures.pl
If you want to see more of their range and keep up to date with future releases check their social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again and have a nice week ahead and remember Don’t Drink the paint Water...

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