Chloe from Drakae Miniatures

As we see the end of 2020 and say good riddance to possibly the worst year all across the globe, I have decide to take a look at something that projects a ray of light into the hobby world. If you are as impressed with this piece as I was then hopefully you will go and support Drakae Miniatures too. 

Chloe first came to my attention when Maria Jesus Romano was sculpting the bust and also asking for feedback from the community. I was happy to see Chloe come to life as she is the first bust from Drakae Miniatures and it was very cool to see the project come to completion.

Back in May, Maria put a pre-order up for Chloe and at €25, who wouldn’t be tempted. I purchased a copy for my daughter, Ani-Mae to paint, but sadly lockdowns and other things have put a halt to that as we live in different households. But once this whole debacle has showed us is backside we can get to sitting down and going for it.

Chloe is a lovely little 4 piece resin bust and comes nicely packaged in a plain box wrapped in string, like old school presents. However; I cut the string off when I first got the bust a little while ago now.

Also inside are some business cards and stickers. 

At 54mm tall ,Chloe isn’t the biggest bust but she is definitely one of the cutest characters released in 2020.

So as the first bust from Drakae Miniatures what is the quality like?

Well; straight out the box we see that this little bust has been produced really well. I would say 95% of the clean-up has already been done. There is one or two little bits to sort but these are minuscule issues and will be sorted in minutes, which you all know by now is big thing with me...

Chloe is based on the fantasy race of the Faun and has the tiniest horns. One adorned with a flower and the other curling up nice and tightly to her head.

Chloe is posed holding her loose braided hair and holding her amphibious companion in her left arm. A very nicely sculpted frog.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this piece. It may only be 54mm tall but the details are there to make painting this bust quite fun.

The criss-cross stitching on the satchel and down the tunic, the little floral detail on the sleeves and collar will have you holding your breath while you pick out those fine textures.

The hair is sculpted softly but still gives room for light and shade. Chloe's complexion is flawless and youthful but again will allow for some creative effects should you wish to try. Maybe fur techniques like you see on busts painted by Lukas Zaba (go check his work out) or you can simply try different skin tones, but either way this sculpture will accommodate whatever you want to try.

The frog is not Chloe’s only companion...

As you can see above there is a little one eyed teddy bear hanging out of her satchel and again where its eye is missing is again some cross stitching. Each of these tiny little details will make this bust a very fun project to work on.

If you go to Drakae Miniatures Facebook page you can see several painted versions from Alex Holmen, Paolo di Poce, and Sylvain Aubut. So this piece has already had some love from some very good painters.

If you wish to purchase a copy why not give Maria an email at and grab a copy. The more sales the better in my opinion as this is a very cute and fun bust to own.

Maria has also sculpted some other figures and they look real nice too, so got check out Drakae Miniatures on Facebook or Instagram and see for yourself.

Maria is coming through the hobby as a 1 person team so it would be great to see Drakae produce more pieces with support from us guys in the community. As of writing this review, Drakae Miniatures Kickstarter “When busts tell Stories” has 51 hours left to run and happily it funded. But don’t worry if you miss it as there will be a general release once the Kickstarter has fulfilled.

Thanks for reading along with the review and I would like to take this opportunity to say Steve and I appreciate all the readers and supporters of GreyMountain Reviews. We hope 2021 sees many wonderful creations coming to hobby benches all across the world.

As we see 2020 coming to a close I would ask all of you out there to stay safe and healthy and please remember Do Not Drink the Paint Water!

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