Test Object Perion from Neko Galaxy

Test Object Perion is the latest release from Neko Galaxy who have a strong reputation for releasing sci-fi and cyberpunk influenced busts and figures. Majority of these being female and often with more than a hint of pin-up style thrown in too. But don't expect to see these futuristic ladies just posing. These are always bad ass in their own way.

Test Object Perion is no exception to this.

Simple, no fuss or frills box that does it's job. Plus the bonus of the sticker art being designed around the concept art rather than a painted example, and I do like seeing concept art (as you'll see later).

What's in the box?

Sticker and a card with the concept art again (not everyone keeps boxes). The thing I like with the art card is the website details for the artist and sculptor are on the back too. Means you know where to check out more of their work. Nice.

Neko's owner, Piotrek, made an interesting decision a while back in regards to he resin. Whilst everyone else champions the more traditional grey colour, Piotrek went with something which I feel really fits the brand style. Yes...that resin is pink!

Twelve parts in total and some interesting cuts done by sculptor, Lua Garo. Interesting seeing a bust cut vertically rather than having separate arms, etc. Could make accessing some areas easier if painting in sub assemblies; if you don't mind filling small gaps when joining during painting that is of course.

Concept to miniature

I don't always have access to concept art or images of the sculpted render. But, I thought that seeing as Neko Galaxy supply that information that I would take a look at their work.

Deepfry is the artist who did the character concept artwork and I recommend checking out his Artstation profile as he has some cool stuff there. But here is his design for Test Object Perion...

aka... Uchida (a name which I do feel fits more. Sorry Piotrek). I was surprised to see a full body concept art. Wonder if that could mean a 75mm figure in future?

This art gives another picture in my mind from her just being stood there with her arms crossed above her head. Perhaps she's just jumped down from somewhere and landed in a seriously stylised super hero landing type pose. But seriously, go check his work out.

Of course, even with a concept you still need a sculptor. This task went to Lua Garo who judging from their Artstation profile has been pretty busy sculpting miniatures.

But lets focus on Perion.

You can really see that the art has been closely stuck to with only minor variation. Can't imagine even attempting to transform a 2D image into a 3D sculpt so this process always impresses me. Even more when it hits this level of detail.

The main change is definitely her mask and she has seriously dialled up the detail department as you will see. 

I mentioned the cuts before and you can see them more clearly in the render above. Great decisions made here.

Closer look

Very stylised jacket with plenty of straps, clips, and details. The plus of it being cut like this is you can really get to the inside layer if you want to do anything fancy. Plus you could attach it to something flat if you fancy creating a freehand design on the large, plain space on the back.

Must say that the area on the back is a good move as it gives you a space to play around with a design. And if you're not feeling up to painting a design then using decals could be an option too.

Looks like the main clean up is kept to the bottom line of the coat. There is some mould line on the sides of the coat but these have already had some cleaning (thank you).

Now her main body section and here is where you can really see the pin-up look. Do admittedly find it odd that she has nothing on under her jacket, but the hair is very well trained in where to go. 

Obviously you get a massive hint at the cyberpunk part here too with all the metal parts attached to her skin (if you missed her cybernetic arms and hands of course). This got me thinking too. If you're someone who perhaps takes issue with the topless nature of the sculpt then you can easily justify painting her skin to look synthetic, heavily tattooed, or with some other futuristic design which could be projected by those cyber implants. Who knows. Get creative.

Pouring holes have been kept to the cut off section so it's easy to clip off and sand. I do need to mention a slight hint of print lines in the right hand side of her hair (her right). Not stepped like some I've seen but may need a little attention (especially if you're picky like me).

Perion needs a face and here it is. Nice to see the slightly open mouth made it to the sculpt. All clean up is kept to the sides of the face and where the neck meets up so it's an easy one to do.

And that mask. Oh that mask. Even has tiny holes sculpted on the inside where she would be breathing through it. Very intimidating and samurai looking which just takes the concept art to the next level. All cleaning here is again in an area which connects to another so zero to worry about.

If a cyber lady ever came at you armed with a knife like that you know you're done for. Just plain vicious in those hands and really shows that she means business. My only worry is just how thin that blade is, though the resin does have a slight flex to it and doesn't feel brittle at all.

Those cybernetics are just excellent. Though I may be tempted to scribe some of those panel lines a bit deeper rather than rely 100% on paint to define them.

Clean up again is barely anything. Bit on the blade tip which sanded well, bit on the bottom of the knife grip, and a little where they join. Would still be tempted to pin them in place even though they fit in place perfectly.

Many straps! All with some little bits to remove and a little sanding to do. But no warping and all fit where they should go with no issues whatsoever.

These parts really help increase the sense of movement and just give it that bit more going on.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that the pics below are assembled using blutac. The gaps you can see are caused by the blutac which is a shame really. Sorry.

Painting female miniatures has me thinking that I have zero idea what I'm doing. Probably because I'm not the smoothest painter about and you often see comments like "female skin needs to be painted smooth". But you know what...this just has a cool factor and character that for some reason makes me think of those insane Japanese killer girls that sometimes pop up in films. Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill for example. So I fully intend to give it a go in the next year.

The design for Test Object Perion is excellent and fits the Neko Galaxy range perfectly (especially in their bubblegum pink resin). I fully expect to see many painted in various ways by different people.

Whilst the design is certainly heading towards the more risque side of the miniature hobby; I'll easily say that the more bad ass edge to her more than pulls it back, especially with cyberpunk always having a massive cool factor.

Great casting, excellent sculpting, and all round a great kit but make sure you give the whole range a look if you like this style.

Where to buy?

Directly from Neko Galaxy at https://nekogalaxyminiatures.bigcartel.com/ though they do supply some other stores around the world too which may save a bit in shipping (and time).

You can of course keep up to date with Neko Galaxy by following them on social media on Facebook and Instagram so make sure to check those out too.

Until next time...I'm off to look at plinths and completely not get distracted by anything at all...nope...er...

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