Juweelinis 28mm assortment set by Juweela

Juweela are a German company with great experience of making diorama and scenic details ranging from 1:160th scale up to 1:12th scale. Some scales have many more products available than others but out of those there is an excellent selection of bricks, paving, and other details suited to 54mm figures (in the 1:32nd and 1:35th scales) and the more common gaming size of 28mm. 

Today I'm going to have a look at their 28mm size Juweelinis set.

Straight away you can see that the set is nicely presented in a hard plastic box with a great image to give ideas of what can be created with the contents help inside.

Inside you find the box to be divided up and each item to have it's own place and comes individually wrapped too.
The inlay card is excellent as it tells you exactly what each item is and what scale too. 

This is a clever move by Juweela because for someone new the their products, buying a packet of bricks or walking plates from a web site can be frustrating when you cannot actually see the size in hand. The Juweelinis sets (and there are ones aimed at other scales too) serve as a great taster product and can be followed up with more confident purchases of the larger packs of exactly what a customer wants more of (I'm already looking at more walking plates and hexagonal pavers... and may already have more bricks and columns).

Sorry but I felt it only right to show how the individual packs look because as packaging goes, this is classy (sorry, I love a well packaged product thanks to years of retail merchandising).

Firstly; the mainstay of any modern day or sci-fi basing. Bricks. Buildings have been made out of them for years and I'm sure will be for many more. And these bricks are great.
I heard somewhere that Juweela use a ceramic material to make many of their products (not sure if I'm right on that though) but whatever it is works well. You can break them just like bricks and roof tiles. You can even crush them into tiny bits to add even more details which is perfect for those battle scenes with damages walls and debris.

Then you have more paving type slabs and hex pavers. Similar in material to the bricks. That broken slab I literally snapped with my fingers. And after breaking many real slabs over a few years working with building materials; that is spot on. I can't think of any way they could be better. You can even scrape scratches and chips into them too.

The hex pavers even have a tiny bevelled edge on one of the sides so you have a couple of options there.

Last up, the rusty barrels, tyres, and sand bags.

Now the sand bags I'm not too sure on. I reckon with a bit of roughing up and paint they could really look the part. They just feel really clean compared to the other two items.

That's rusty looking all right. Both feel like the sort of barrel that has been lest for many years in some wet woodland area. Could be an interesting detail in a scene to help set a story.

And those tyres. In the packet I thought they were rubber like those on toy cars. I was wrong. They're in a hard material that I reckon (and will find out too) could be cut with a good knife or fine saw. They also have some great little tread details.

Usually I'll be summing up here but I've realised that while I was getting excited about breaking a paving slab (yes...I did), I forgot the column middle parts... so...

That's the six from the full pack with the Juweela logo in full lovely detail. More importantly though is these are also easy to chip, break, and make look weathered if you want.

So now I will say (like you didn't know I would anyway if you've read this far) that I'm highly impressed with these and can say from experience that the bricks and similar material items glue really well and have no issue taking paint at all.

At just 14.99€ it's a great set to try out if you don't want to go for full packs or are just looking for some extra details for your basing.

Make sure you take a look at their web store and follow their Facebook page as they have many products including pre-made resin bases, sheets of cobbles you can roll out and cut to size, and concrete looking walls with wire mesh inside that you can break up (which I want to have a play with soon).

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