Paul Bonner's Vampire from Artik Toys

Back in 2019, Patrick "the small" Masson showed a small bust he sculpted based on a piece of art from the popular artist Paul Bonner.

Fast forward to 2020 and some cheeky person tried his luck on a Facebook post which led to Paul Bonner himself agreeing to the bust being allowed to be reproduced. Especially cool as many people love the artists work and high quality miniatures of said art is sometimes tricky to find.

Fast forward to 2020 and Patrick has released the Vampire as a limited edition which will only have 200 copies sold.

Normski being the lovable twat that he is ordered two without me knowing, so a surprise treat arrived at my door one day.

Packaging for this is clean and simple. Box isn't the sturdiest but I didn't see how it was shipped from Artik Toys in France. Plastic is kept to a minimum with just the one zip lock bag and the satin finished sticker on the top which is really nice to have (especially with the copy number too).

At 19€ (around £17) for a 1/10th bust I'd say it is well priced. 45mm in height which is around the size of an average Games Workshop figure. So not a large bust for those used to smaller scale miniatures.

Cast up as the main section and a sprue with the fangs and chest armour. Simple but well done and initially I didn't work out that that tiny part was the fangs. And yes.. I did feel sheepish when I realised.

I was surprised to find that casting is by GRX Créations as usually their resin is more green in colour and pretty smelly. This wasn't so hopefully they've changed.

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Now I can't really review something based on Bonner art and not show it (plus give you the article to check out some earlier sketch work and other art too).

Initially designed as a full figure for Zombicide I believe so it's good to see it cast in properly detailed resin rather than a PVC based plastic gaming piece.

As you can see from above the surface detail is incredible. Especially the skin and fur.

It's good to see clumped up fur rather than something that looks either well groomed or a repetitive triangular digital brush like some game companies like to do.

Being a traditional sculpt, I'm always interested in how things are cut to make casting and assembly as effective as possible.

Frankly, the way this bust goes together is excellent. Just need to check that hole where the fangs attach to know the Patrick knows his craft.

As for the casting quality; it's high. A few tiny bubbles, some flash (mostly on the edges of fur), and a mould line running down the back of the head and through the fur. Easy enough to remove without going near that facial focal point.

The armour just screams Paul Bonner style. There is no doubt Patrick loves the art too from looking at that detail. Nice and crisp in the resin as well.

I did realise that a large metal looking link was missing. Turned out it had snapped off in the bag. Easy enough to secure back into where it should be.

In general; clean up on this was a joy (but I do enjoy playing hunt the mould line).

I'll sum up after talking eyes. Most miniatures you have in your collection likely have solid eyeballs. This time the iris and even a little light reflection are sculpted in place. If that is something that puts you off then just put a bit of putty in the holes as if filling a gap. I'm tempted to paint them as they are and then fill with gloss varnish.

I really love this bust with all the surface details and character it has. Will be fun when I get to painting it. Especially love the personal touch with the little message and signature around the back.

Can easily see this bust being a nice break from larger more complicated painting and just working through, using inks and washes on that face.

Paul Bonner's Vampire is still available exclusively direct from Artik Toys at and you can follow future Artik Toys happening on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you and stay safe.

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